venerdì 31 agosto 2012

Super Heroes!

Skin - The body co. - Hunter
Hair - *Dura-Boy* - 35 (Black)
Necklace - KOSH- The Key Necklace
Shirt #1 - MM5 Rock!-Batman Mesh-Man-Black
Shirt #2 - MM5 Rock!-Spiderman Mesh-Man-White
Shirt #3 - MM5 Rock!-Superman Mesh -Man-Blue
Jeans - AMERIE M -  Mesh Skinny pants (Denim Blue)
Sneakers -*ordinary design* -Cebidae

                   Thanks Designers for the Support

                                Tanks Model Angelus Ansar
                                                              Grafic &Photo Angelus Ansar


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A day at the park...

Skin: [Al Vulo!] - [ london*piccadilly circus milk ] 
Nails: .::LE FORME::. French Nails Group Gift 
Tank: NCparis Audrey Tank group gift 
Top: SOUL. Rose Top new 
Pant: SOUL. Sport Pants new 
Shoes: [ JP ]:dsg. Sneakers / MultiChange group gift 

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mercoledì 29 agosto 2012


Skin - *JeSyLiLO*:::Amola:::*SunKissSkin*
Hair - [LeLutka]-ADDISON hair
Bangles - NCparis - Multi fine Bangles (Group Gift)
Nails - Synthetique -  Red No. 9 (Group Gift)
Dress - Peqe - Kendall Leoness Red  (Group Gift)

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martedì 28 agosto 2012

Walking through the city

Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::Lazy Sunday:::*LightSkin*19 
Hair: [Shag] - Pussy Galore
Nails: La Boucherie - M&T #12 -> Mad' (past hunt) 
Watch: .HollyWeird. - PFH #125 - flashBack watch 
Top: [LF] Off Shoulder Top Muppet no free
Jeans: -paper.doll- RolledDenimShorts: St. Pattys (past gift) 
Socks: MIEL Lo socks ebony no free 
Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Dr. H. Boots – Black no free

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L'estate sta finendo...

Skin - *JeSyLiLO* *SnoWhite*TanSkin* (FOTA Hunt prize) (5L)
Hair - Pelle - Sarah Hair Blonde
Earrings - NCparis - Gypsy Creole (Group Gift)
Bangles - Izzie's - 80's Rainbow Bangles  (Vintage Fair Gift) (free)
Nail - **pulcino** Prim nail "Plein Soleil" Mono (Group Gift) 
Top - [LF] Queen Top BlueFlower
Bikini - *Aggressione* -Lily- Colorful Bikini (Group Gift)
Shoes - SOUL.  Tune Shoe Aqua

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lunedì 27 agosto 2012

Fuckin' Perfect girl

kin: Panda Punx Harvest Moon Hunt (1 L)
Hair: (r)M ~ meshHair No.03 ( f a n t a s y ) no free
Nails: [Virtual/Insanity] M&T #33 -> rust factory (past hunt) 
Bangles: NCparis - Multi Fine Bangle group gift 
Skirt: SOUL. Denim Brace Skirt no free
Knee: *Sheer* Tights 08: Torn Shiny Black no free
Boots: (r)M~Shoe "Riven Boot"~No.03 no free

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domenica 26 agosto 2012

In Black Heart

Skin - *JeSyLiLO* :::Dalal::: (LightSkin)
Hair - [elikatira] - Fresh
Necklace & bracialet - [lassitude & ennui] - Opulence pearls  (If I Were Rich Hunt) (free)
Nail -::LiES Creations:: Black Nail  (Free) (1L)
Dress - [LF] Mini Dress Hearts
Shoes - Blueberry *Mesh* Group Gift Boots Black (Free)

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martedì 21 agosto 2012

Zoo Safarii

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Anita ] (natural sunkissed) no free 

Necklace, bracelet, earring: Jamman - black cord double red SET (MM) 
Nails: Chus! Royal Dolly Nails free 
Piercing: SuPerBia PierCinGs free 
Dress: :[P]:-Loyalty Gift://Achillea Dress-Safarii subscriber gift 
Shoes: * .:: deeR ::. * MESH high heels platform group gift 

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Nerd Dog

Hair - *Dura-Boy*35(Black)
Skin - the body co. - Hunter
Piercing - .Pekka. Illusionist unisex
Ears - .Pekka. Latum Ear Piercing UNISEX
Necklace - KOSH- Santuary Necklace
Tatoo -Vestigium - Rock'n'Rolla
Shirt - [LF] Nerd Dog
Belt - .:Hermony:. Rock`n Rolla Belt
Pants - AMERIE M - Mesh Skinny pants (Denim Blue)
Shoes - *ordinary* -Tarsius-  CP Limited edition
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domenica 19 agosto 2012

My elegant night

Skin: *JeSyLiLO* HappyEid group gift (freed 50l.) 
Hair: [LeLutka]-QCX hair no free
Nails: ::GB:: Cute Pearl Ring Nail group gift
Dress: ~Sassy!~ Starlet gown - If I Were Rich Hunt 
Sandal: ::GB:: Stone  Sandals (White) group gift

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mercoledì 15 agosto 2012

A Hot summer

...Summer's here for us. For a few weeks we will be on vacation at the beach to relax and have fun 
... then will post very little.
See you soon, bye
by Ninfa & Emlyn Orsini
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White beauty

Skin: [HUIT] Dare2Bare Hunt
Necklace: Black & white Afromoon necklace V 2 by Jamman lucky chair 
Dress: SOUL. Berry Dress White – no free 
Nails: **pulcino** Prim nail "Plein Soleil" Mono group gift 
Bracelet: Opium Collection free 
Piercing: SuPerBia PierCinGs free

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Casual summer

Skin: English Muffin Skin Chiana addiction group gift 
Hair: [kik] hair-Nina no free
Top: SOUL. - Tube Top Black stripe no free
Skirt: SOUL. Shorts Skirt White no free
Shoes: Latreia- Herc Tan Sandals Menstuff hunt #101

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lunedì 13 agosto 2012

Peace & Love

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] - Tabata  -1968 Hippie (bronze)  (Group Gift )
Piercing:  SuPerBia - Spiral nose pink  (PRF hunt)
Lollipop: 3.Sweet's Treats -Lollipop Mounty (Mouth Accessories Hunt) 
Necklace: add+9 - leather coin purse Panda  (Past Gift) 
Nails: add+9 - Summer French Nail  (Group Gift) 
Bangles: Izzie's - "80's Rainbow Bangles @ Vintage Fair Gift 
Keychain: add+9 - knit animal coin purse set - knit bear coin purse (Past Gift)
Dress: Blueberry *Mesh* Denim Jumpsuit Black  (Group Gift) 
Shoes: SOUL. Tune Shoe Black  (No Free)

                   Thanks Designers for the Support
                                                                                 Grafic &Photo  Ninfa Orsini

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Call me...


Skin - Pelle - Jasmine skin Nature (No Free) 
Hair - [Burley] - Pippa (Blonde 02) (No Free)
Sweaters - {PopTart}  Pop Stars Sweater (Call Me) (No Free)
Leggings - =PIA= - leggings black (Group Gift)
Shoes - Maitreya - SoHo Boots 'PatentMix (Black) (Old Gift)

                            Thanks Designers for the Support
                                                                                 Grafic &Photo  Emlyn Orsini
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domenica 12 agosto 2012

...Fuck off...

Skin: MOJO Violet skin group gift
Hair: ( R E D ) M I N T ~ gG 08'12 group gift
Necklace: [DDD/Tuki Loon] brush necklace @ TGGS Anniversary Hunt
Nails: Candy Nail #P068 Rain Drop Rainbow (past group gift)
Top: SOUL. Tiny Top  Fuck off B no - no free
Legging: .::YoPulga::. Dotty Teal Leggins group gift
Boots: *Tentacio* Boira boots brown free

This is the one who tried to steal my avatar a few days ago ... darling, you failed. 
Ninfa83 Orsini is still "alive"!!!
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I'm Walk, and think of you

Skin - League - Sia (No Free)
Eyes - I.D - July Gift (Free)
Necklace - KOSH - The key necklace  (No Free)
Dress . - SOUL. - Long Dress (No free)
Leggings - =PIA= - leggings black  (Group Gift)
Boot - ANEXX - Lace up Boots (Black) (No Free)

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sabato 11 agosto 2012

Boring day

Skin: Filthy (past group gift - 199 l)
Nails: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] black nails subscribers gift 
Makeup: Leafy - M&T #29 -> berry_makeup (past hunt)
Vest: SOUL. Mesh Vest Pink no free
Jeans: ~Sassy!~ Tribeca leather pants – black no free
Piercing: SuPerBia PierCinGs free

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Skin - :: Ego :: - Skin Gift August (Group Gift) 
Necklace / Earrings - FINESMITH - Cougar (Subcribo Gift)
Bracialet - Mstyle - Love Bracialet  (Subscribo Gift) 
Dress - ~Sassy!~ Wiggle dress (black)  No Free
Shoes - Maai - " Mimi " pumps (red) (Old Gift)
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venerdì 10 agosto 2012

Totaly pink

Skin: .::CENSORED::. Doll Skin Group Gift 
Makeup: [~Tableau Vivant~] TGGS Anniversary Hunt
Necklace, earring: *YS&YS* Pearl Set Pink 
Nails: Candy Nail #3AG Curvaceous (past group gift) 
Dress: (epoque.s) Bodycon Mini - Ombre Pack // Rigged Mesh group gift 
Shoes: SOUL. Tune Shoe Pink not free

Thanks designers for the support

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giovedì 9 agosto 2012


 Skin - .::CENSORED::. - Doll Skin (Group Gift)  
Hair - booN - YNO421 Hair  (Blonde) (No Free)
Bracialet - Miel - CHUM bracelet (Old Group Gift) (See in Subscribo History n.8)
Earrings - .:: BenS Beauty ::..- Scarlet Earring White (Group Gift)
Dress -[LF] Mini Dress Tiger (No Free)
Shoes - SOUL. - Tune Shoe Brown ( No Free)

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She's Madonna... XD

Skin: Al vulo! - baba2*natural butter
Casset: 9. Odd Dele - Casset mountie - Mouth Accessories Hunt
Bangles: Izzie's - "80's Rainbow Bangles @ Vintage Fair Gift
Shirt: [LF] Off Shoulder Top Madonna
Pant: SOUL. Harem Pants Black
Nails: Candy Nail Summer Bag Rainbow - seashore rainbow (behind the wall) free
Feet/sandal: TaraShoes Bare Feet and Flat Strap Sandals Scarlett Brown

Thanks designers for the support
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Back To Black

Shape- Panda Punx - 3000+ Member Gift Shape (Group Gift)
Skin - Panda Punx - Panda Punx PYWH Gift  (PYWH Hunt #7)
Nail -Chus! - Royal Dolly Nails (Group Gift)
Dress - ~Sassy!~ - Modesty dress (black) (No Free)
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mercoledì 8 agosto 2012

Cyber wedding

Skin: Al Vulo! - PRF - Candy * pink gheisha yoghurt hunt
Necklace, earring: Set peace love V world sign  by Jamman MM
Dress: PFH #118 - AsHmOoT_futura hunt
Nails: .::LE FORME::. French Nails group gift
Piercing: SuPerBia PierCinGs free
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martedì 7 agosto 2012

Space Oddity

Skin - Pelle - -Jasmine Skin Blind Black (No Free)
Hair( R E D ) M I N T - Hair No.00 (Mesh) ~ Silver  (Old gift)
Tongue - .:::Hot Stuff:::.- Star Tongue (Gift @ Vanity Fair)
Nail - [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] SHORT NAILS - Rust Factory (M&T Hunt) (Hunt just finished)
Dress - ~Sassy!~  - Orbit Dress  (PFH Hunt #006)
Shoes - +DV8+ Eternal Love Boot (Old Gift) Store Closed
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...hunting ^_^

Skin: Panda Punx Dare2Bare Hunt 
Hair: [e] Say free 
Piercing: SuPerBia PierCinGs free 
Necklace: Jamman Jewels - PRF Pink ribon chain necklace hunt
Nails: Adoness - PRF Killer queen nails hunt
Watch: .HollyWeird. PFH #125 - Flashback watch hunt
Shirt: .:: [F]uchOn ::. Piccadily Shirt #2 free 
Skirt: Holli Pocket - PRF - Badunkadunk trunk zebra hunt
Knee: *Sheer* Knee-Highs free 
Earing:  Ngelic - PRF - Furry earrings hunt
Shoes: Balkanik 2.0 - Urban Espadrillias - Club Balkanik Gift 

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lunedì 6 agosto 2012

Pink Flower

Skin - Panda Punks - Sasha Skin (MM Board)
Hair - Pelle -  Angy Hair (Fuxia) (No Free)
Earrings - .:: BenS Beauty ::.. Scarlet Earring White (Group Gift)
Necklace - Blah. -  (My Pure Heart Necklace)  (PRF Hunt)
Nail - [LF] - French Nails  (Group Gift) (New Store)
Dress - Gawk! Pink Flower Pattern Mini Dress (PRF Hunt)
Shoes - Tara Shoes -  Bare Feet and Flat Strap Sandals (MM Board)

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Welcome to the jungle

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Julia ] - [ Black bronze ]  no free 

Dress: EMPORIUM (O8-2O12) Leopard dress group gift
Makeup: M&T #32 -> KOSH Exile duo eyeshadow (hunt just finished)
Necklace: ^^ Swallow^^ Necklace Black group gift
Earring: ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Amazing Earring  group gift (join Avenue magazine readers group)
Shoes: Angel Alphaville 68 leopard-black lucky board

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Casual Men

Hair - *Dura*-  The 2nd year Anniversary Hair (Group Gift)
Skin - Akeruka - Neo Nat2 (Menstuff Hunt #12)
Plug - {HAV} Nickle Gauged (Old Hunt)
Shirt - {EPIC}- Layered Vest  - Black Plaid (Menstuff Hunt #55)
Jeans - ::7Style:: -Skinny Jeans (MESH) (Menstuff Hunt #59)
Shoes {EPIC} - Slip-ons - Plaid  (Menstuff Hunt #55)

Photo and Graphic by Emlyn Orsini
Tanks Model Lu Herdrassen
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domenica 5 agosto 2012

Black Leopard

Skin- [HUSH] - Lily -Ravish (Cocoa)  (August Group Gift)
Earrings/Necklace - *YS&YS*-  Pearl Earrings Pink (Group Gift)
Nails - [LF] -  French Nails (Group Gift)
Dress - .:: [F]uchOn ::. Just a Mesh Dress (Gift @Vanity Fair) (1L)
Shoes - Angel Alphaville - 68 leopard-black (Lucky Board Prize)

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Summer pink

Skin: Filthy august group gift (join 199 L)
Glasses: PRF - Shadz exclu classic hunt
Piercing: PRF - SuPerBia Spiral nose hunt
Ring: PRF - [whatever] pink ribbon ring hunt
Makeup: PRF - .::CENSORED::. cute lipstick hunt
Necklace: PRF - Blah. My Pure Heart Necklace hunt
Swimsuit: PRF - SAKIDE barbie bikini hunt
Shoes: PRF - *Anymore slip-on hunt

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sabato 4 agosto 2012

*Twins Fashion*

Skin - [Hush] - August Group Gift (Free)
Earring/Nail - Adoness - Pink Ribbon Hunt (PRF Hunt ) (Free) 
Dress -  *TwInS FaShIoN* - NoMoreHide Dress Black (Lucky Board)
Shoes: Angel Alphaville -  72 pink Angel (lucky board) 

Skin - [Hush] - August Group Gift (Free)
Earing: ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Scarlet Earring White (Group Gift)
Dress: - *TwInS FaShIoN* - TF* OMG Dress White (Lucky Board)
Shoes: Angel Alphaville -  032c7 silver3 (Free) 
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venerdì 3 agosto 2012

Pretty in pink

Skin: Filthy august group gift ( join199 L) 
Makeup: M&T #29 -> Leafy twist makeup hunt 
Necklace: +9 cigar case free (info group) 
Shirt: Baiastice_Kira Mesh Lace Sweater-black agost group gift (write to Sissy Pessoa) 
Nails: Synthetique Red No. 9 Colour Tactics free 
Feet: *COCO*_BareFeet group gift 
Pose: PRF - Nani Poses -  pretty in pink hunt  

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Red Summer



Skin - .::Mother Goose's::. MiChi III (Lucky Letter)
Hair- ""D!va"" Hair "" - "Senri2" (Lucky Letter)
Earrings - ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. - Scarlet Earring White (Grouo Gift)
Necklace - ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. - India Necklace Reds (Group Gift)
Nail- Synthetique - Red no.9 Color Tatics (Free)
Dress - NiNight Creations - Mesh Endless Summer Dress  (MAW Hunt #27) 
Flats - **MDL** - Cat Flats Red (Group Gift)

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Skin: Panda Punx Darla Skin no free
Hair: Pelle - BETTY HAIR BLACK no free

Shirt: PRF #126 - NiNight Creations mesh sleevess checkered shirt hunt
Jeans: [Pumpkin] Loose jeans lucky board
Nails: .::LE FORME::. French Nails Group Gift
Piercing: PRF - SuPerBia spiral nose pink hunt
Sandal: +9 Summer Thumb Sandal group gift

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giovedì 2 agosto 2012

This Summer

Skin - Gravity Skins -  -JOSHUA (MM board Prize)
Hair - [Atro Patena] - Kelvin  (Subscribo Gift) 
Tatoo - :Wicked Tattoos: - Demonology (M&T Hunt #37) (Free)
Necklace - :Gabriel: - black bead necklace (Old Group Gift)
Shirt - .::deeR::. - * MESH regatta top  (Group Gift)
Short - DROP. -  SwimPants Blue (Gift @Vanity Fair) (Free)
Sandal - SF design  - Antalya Sandals - (Group Gift)  

Photo and Graphics by Emlyn Orsini
**Tanks Model Lu Hendrassen ♥**

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Daily rain

Skin: .::Mother Goose's MiChi III LB lucky board
Dress: NS:: Sweet Blueberry Dress group gift 
Nails: **pulcino**Prim nail "Plein Soleil" Mono group gift
Earrings: [DDL] Azhfey  group gift
Bracelets: [DDL] Faith  group gift
Sandal: ::GB:: Gladiator Sandals Black  group gift

Pose: Juxtapose - Bumbershoot no free
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mercoledì 1 agosto 2012

White & Purple

Skin - Panda Punx - Myri  (August Group Gift)
Dress - CHANDELLE - Susan  (Gift @Vanity Fair) 1L
Nail - ...::: Scrub :::... -  Purple Fusion Nail  (Subscribo Gift)
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